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Caught the sewing bug, but out of ideas. [05 Sep 2008|02:42am]

I have this really pretty linen fabric perfect for a fall NERO dress, but I'm stuck as to what exactly I want to do with it!

I was thinking something princess-seamed, mostly loose with a flowey (nonrestrictive) skirt. However, I want to do something creative with it instead of just the tried-and-true Simplicity pattern of boringness.

Does anyone have any good inspiration for me?

What inspires you these days?
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Fabric Clearance [03 Mar 2008|02:20pm]

I’m trying to clear out some of my old fabric that I’m unlikely to ever use. We used to hold on to every bargain bin find and scrap in hopes the NERO would get another permanent site, but after several years and many bins later we just don’t have the space to keep it anymore. Here’s a rough list of what I have, if anyone is interested and any of it, speak up here and we’ll put it aside for you. Anything I can’t clear out goes to the free store. If you’re in the area and want to pop by and root through the box you are more than welcome to.

1m Black with thin black stripes
1m Black fleece
3.5m Rust-orange stretch velvet
3m Black stretchy fabric w/mottled black pattern
1m Tan thick cotton
1m Grey stripey-tie-die corduroy
3m Bright Red thin corduroy
3.5m Black thin corduroy
5.5m Green brocade
3x 1m Blue brocade
0.5m Shaggy Brown fun fur
0.25m Dark green fleece
4m Black cotton almost-broadcloth
1+1m navy blue polyester?
0.75m super thin black fleece
0.5m Black velveteen
4x 2.5m Grey polyester (old changeling game curtains)
1.5 black medium polyester
2m black thin flowy polyester
1+1m black broadcloth
3x x3m Black with grey speckles sheer fabric (kinda like a night sky?)
2m black flowy polyester
2x 1.5m Off-white canvas
2m lilac broadcloth with embroidery
Bag of scraps?

Any suggestions on what to do with odds n ends leftover from finished projects?

Also if anyone needs any stretch velvet in black I have tons, and although someday maybe I might be able to use it, if anyone needs it chances are you’ll put it to use before I would, so give me a poke.

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Sewing Resolutions? [01 Jan 2008|10:55pm]

Here is a discussion question for everyone:

Do you have any New Years sewing goals for 2008? Planning any awesome projects in the winter break before NERO starts again?

I have one NERO dress that I would like to make with the fabric I picked up for cheap at the Lando del Fabrico in Venezuela. It's two layers, actually. One brown linen on the top using a simplicity dress pattern but with a brown velvet waistband and the bottom dress to be cut in leafy shapes similar to Arwen's chase dress in LOTR:FOTR. For the under layer I bought this wicked cream linen with rich fall coloured flowers embroidered into the bottom that I hope to have going around the bottom of the dress. It'll all end up at about mid-calf length, and I've also got some other brown velvet ribbon to decorate with...somewhere :)

Also, I have some non-larp related sewing projects I want to do at some point, including this really cute dress from a simplicity pattern. It's got buttons though, so I may have to learn to master the buttonhole stitch beforehand.

And yourself? Discuss!
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sewing trauma [14 May 2007|12:14pm]


oh the horror...
Friday: my sewing machine was having issues so I got my mum to look at it.  It sputters a few times and dies completely.
Saturday: Still no life in my machine.  We go to the Fabricland near mum's house to see if they know anywhere we can take it to get it fixed.  The lady is positively rude and we leave.  Mum wants to scream, I kinda feel sad.  Bill, the guy upstairs that mum rents from, informs us that there's a sewing machine int he basement I can use.  We fish it out.  It's an old 1948 Singer with a KNEE pedal.  It doesn't run do to bad/old wiring.  I head to Fabricland to pick up fabric/patterns for my projects anyways.  May as well take advantage of the sale.  While I was away they got the Singer rewired and working.  Then they got my sewing machine fixed using the old Singer manual.  
Sunday: Got everything cut out for the projects for Fox.  The shirt is sewn together.

Now I'm sitting here looking at the shirt hanging up and I think it needs a little something extra, it just looks a bit plain, some sort of trim is in order, but Fabricland didn't really have anything nice.  I suppose I should go on an adventure to find trim in the City.  
For Fox I've got a shirt and a vest thing to do for Loras.
I've been wanting to do a new tunic for the feast for myself, but I don't know if I'll have the time/energy to do it yet, so I'll stick with making sure everyone elses things get done first.  If I'm able to I'll make mine.

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Last Minute Information of Sorts [12 May 2007|10:57am]

Hey all,

So it's a last minute reminder, and I suspect everyone already knows who has a membership, but Fabricland has one of their 50% off membership sales on right now, and today is the last day.  So if you need anything for the event, it's a good time!

I keep meaning to take a picture or two of my current projects and post them, but sometimes technology makes me lazy.

- Hilary
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projects projects projects [07 Mar 2007|10:35am]


I have a small flock of prokects to do for the upcoming nero event.  I am happy in sewing land. 

First on the list is a new shirt for Starseer.  Dave has commissioned me to make him new costuming and a shirt is the first piece to be done.  He wants "dark, semi-fancy for his role in the Celestial guild, exotic for being a lizard-folk, sort of camoflaugey (I know I can't spell that word), but not too fancy"  that was my base description for what to make him.  So I met my sister at Fabricland and we scoured it.  We were about to get a deep purpley fabric when she found the perfect brown sort of lizardy fabric.  I picked up some of that and am staring at it try to decide just how to do this.

Second project is some embroidery work I am doing for Guidion. It's a commissioned piece.  Should be very simple once I find my embroidery hoop.  Should take me a half hour...hour at the most to do.

Thirdly I have a project for me.  I want to make a tunic for colder weather, as I suspect the first event shall be chilly.  I'm not exactly sure what I want to do yet, but I'm tossing a few ideas around.

the Fourth project is something in the works for fancier wear.  Nothing ornate, just a simple sort of dress.

I have another project on the go for me, but I don't want to go into much detail just yet because it's a surprise.

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frustration [01 Feb 2007|06:01am]


I have the main and lining cut out for my new armour.  I still need gauze and boning though.  I have been trying to get to Fabricland for the last week, but sadly my ride tends to stay up until eight in the morning then sleep until six and says it's far too late to go out shopping by then.  I did manage to get to WalMart but naturally they don't carry such things. Hopefully I can get there soon, I'm really excited about the armour.

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It is time. [31 Jan 2007|11:52pm]


An online Mecca.

Who is in?
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[29 Jan 2007|02:48pm]

Hello All!

I found this!! going to use it as a main outfit piece for Faraday.

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Fabricland Sale [17 Jan 2007|10:01am]

Hey, everybody with Fabricland Memberships!

Don't forget that Saturday January the 27th is the latest 50% off Member's Sale.    I will definitely going (possibly with most of my NERO team) to get stuffs for the new season.

For anyone going to the downtown Fabricland, there should be tea, or coffee or something after we all spend too much money.
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Winter Projects [10 Dec 2006|12:12pm]


Now that the Nero break has started in earnest, I've begun going over the winter projects I want to get started for next year.

The main thing I want is new armour.  I love my chainmail, but it's heavy to wear for more than a few hours and cumbersome to get on and off.   It's also fairly limiting, costuming-wise.  So my hope is to make something along the lines of this:

It's still in the drafting stages - I'm not entirely sure what I'll construct it out of, at this stage.   I suspect I'll get the best results from a mix of materials.

I'm also planning on making a colder-weather surcoat that's not as arctic-minded as my white coat, and we've made a Court decision to have at least one set of matching bad-ass gear. 

In other, non-Nero costuming, the current project is a frock coat imagined around a peacock feather for the boy.

What are other people hoping to make over the winter?

- Hilary

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Fabricland - FYI [23 Nov 2006|08:06pm]

[ mood | restless ]

Fabricland at Jane & Finch is having a closing sale.

"everything must go"

75% off, at the one location only.

Yorkgate Mall
Jane & Finch

Final Day Nov 30th.

Thought you may want to check it out.


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yule dress [10 Nov 2006|10:12pm]

well, I've decided to not go with the belt thing I was originally thinking of, and as time flits away I find myself wondering if I'll have time to do the embroidery on it as well. So instead of disparing I went through my boxes of odds and ends and came up with a new plan with a piece of wide trim I had. The boy laughed at the idea and I was disheartened.

So mum comes over tonight, sort of spur of the moment visit to bring me some sewing things I'd asked about. I toss the dress on and show her my idea. She loves it. So now I am going through with it. I have a wide band of cream coloured trim, it's about four inches wide with a bit of embroidery on it, and I'm going to attach it to the dress just under the bust in a sort of empire style. This way, even if I don't have time to do my own embroidery on it, it'll still be more then just my plan brown dress that I've worn before.
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[10 Nov 2006|06:03pm]

One store I love, and avoid like the plague due to my slavish devotion to its expensive splendour, is Mokuba. The ribbon and trim store, which, as Malfaillance pointed out, always looks like its brand new even though it's been there for ages, is far enough along on Queen Street you have to want to go there to end up there.

The boy and I were down on Queen Street this afternoon looking, among other things, for some trim for my feast dress. I was poking into the usual odd little nooks that seem to change with every visit, and finally the boy said "don't you want to go to the good place?" Ignoring my cheapskate hemming and hawing, down Queen Street we went and into Mokuba. The boy being the boy, he immediately found perfect and exquisite trim and gave me The Look when I started to fuss about the price.

So now I have two metres of the loveliest and most perfect trim ever, which will do the neckline and the cuffs and perhaps some other little detail of my dress.

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The Project That Might Be [07 Nov 2006|10:19pm]


I haven't been sewing as much as I've been wanting to lately. And by lately, I mean most of this entire season.

Part of the reason has been a lack of cash flow, something that is in the process of ( hopefully ) being rectified. More to the point though, I haven't really been all that inspired to do anything since last year. 

 The above means I'm rusty with the machine-  As some of you can attest to, I met my fabric nemesis in the aborted attempts at making a gauzy flowy white dress. Not once, but twice.

 I decided early on that I would not be participating in the feast-fabric-arms-race this year. I was more than happy with how my dress ( those sleeves! ) turned out last year. I am also determined to make those sleeves go another round, so I've decided to alter the cut of the dress slightly at the neck, and to add a sleevless over tunic to it. 

 I've got some very nice brocaded chenile thats heavy and pretty that I shall be trimming with some fur. Fur that I left with Pam and Steve of course. If I can't get my hot little hands on that fur, I will likely purchase some of the fur trim from Mecca, and make that go. If I do that, I may go either white, or brown.

 For next year, I am inspired to do an middle eastern theme of costuming. I am excited.
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the cloak [07 Nov 2006|09:19pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

well, apparantly the sleeved, polar fleece cloak that I made for Zack, Clorik, is extremely popular. He wears it all the time according to his mom, and a girl he knows wants one. Her birthday is tomorrow. He bought polar fleece and paid me to make one for her. I think it's very sweet of him, and very awesome that he likes his Clorik cloak so very much. I want to sew more...I need to look at all my fabric and come up with a sewing project...

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yule time [05 Nov 2006|11:10pm]

well, it's that time again, Nero Yule. I don't have the money to create a new dress, so I'm taking an old dress and updating it. I'm dressing up my plain brown dress with some simple embroidery and a belt. Nothing really elaborate, I have other projects for the event, fixing Kat's costume and doing Jared(Grimmance)'s embroidery.
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NERO yule feast [04 Nov 2006|12:33am]

I've started on a dress, but I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to finish it, much less if it'll turn out. So according to the pattern I was somewhere between size 12-20 WTF?!, so I made a 14, and the front panel is just barely the right width for the princess seams to line up right, and then the rest of the dress needs to be taken in like 6+ inches, but just a little at every seem :S Thankfully I started with the lining first so when I do the actual dress it should fall into place a little better. I'm a little annoyed at how ridiculously long the dress is, I need to take it up 6+ inches so I don't break my neck. The pattern called for 7+ meters of fabric, I think I bought just under 5m, as the girls at fabricland helped me lay out the pattern for maxium usage, and even then I think I could have done with less. It's a fabric wasting conspiracy I say!!!

I'm using Simplicity patter # 4940 - you know the one ;) Dress A because I like the collar, and then I'm stealing the Eowyn style vest from a McCalls pattern, and sleeves from a Butterick pattern.

I don't remember princess seams being so hard, and yet, again, glad for the lining practice...amusingly the pattern doesn't call for lining so I'm going to have a heckuva time trying to make sure it all attaches nicely on the inside. And I will try a zipper instead of lacing for the dress - my first one! I'd like it to be invisible, I may ask around at fabricland to see if the ladies have any advice on how to make it as inconspicuous as possible.

This is the longest LJ post I've made in months, I'm such a sewing geek!


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Nero Yule Feast Gear [03 Nov 2006|10:37pm]

[ mood | sew-tastic ]

I don't have a camera right now, but I'm working on my feast dress for the next Nero event based on this pattern:

So far, it's a really lovely, fairly simple pattern to work with, which is nice.

So keen!

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Welcome! [03 Nov 2006|09:26pm]

Welcome to the NERO Sewing community.
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