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NERO yule feast

I've started on a dress, but I'm not sure if I'll get a chance to finish it, much less if it'll turn out. So according to the pattern I was somewhere between size 12-20 WTF?!, so I made a 14, and the front panel is just barely the right width for the princess seams to line up right, and then the rest of the dress needs to be taken in like 6+ inches, but just a little at every seem :S Thankfully I started with the lining first so when I do the actual dress it should fall into place a little better. I'm a little annoyed at how ridiculously long the dress is, I need to take it up 6+ inches so I don't break my neck. The pattern called for 7+ meters of fabric, I think I bought just under 5m, as the girls at fabricland helped me lay out the pattern for maxium usage, and even then I think I could have done with less. It's a fabric wasting conspiracy I say!!!

I'm using Simplicity patter # 4940 - you know the one ;) Dress A because I like the collar, and then I'm stealing the Eowyn style vest from a McCalls pattern, and sleeves from a Butterick pattern.

I don't remember princess seams being so hard, and yet, again, glad for the lining practice...amusingly the pattern doesn't call for lining so I'm going to have a heckuva time trying to make sure it all attaches nicely on the inside. And I will try a zipper instead of lacing for the dress - my first one! I'd like it to be invisible, I may ask around at fabricland to see if the ladies have any advice on how to make it as inconspicuous as possible.

This is the longest LJ post I've made in months, I'm such a sewing geek!


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