malfaillance (malfaillance) wrote in nero_sewing,

Fabric Clearance

I’m trying to clear out some of my old fabric that I’m unlikely to ever use. We used to hold on to every bargain bin find and scrap in hopes the NERO would get another permanent site, but after several years and many bins later we just don’t have the space to keep it anymore. Here’s a rough list of what I have, if anyone is interested and any of it, speak up here and we’ll put it aside for you. Anything I can’t clear out goes to the free store. If you’re in the area and want to pop by and root through the box you are more than welcome to.

1m Black with thin black stripes
1m Black fleece
3.5m Rust-orange stretch velvet
3m Black stretchy fabric w/mottled black pattern
1m Tan thick cotton
1m Grey stripey-tie-die corduroy
3m Bright Red thin corduroy
3.5m Black thin corduroy
5.5m Green brocade
3x 1m Blue brocade
0.5m Shaggy Brown fun fur
0.25m Dark green fleece
4m Black cotton almost-broadcloth
1+1m navy blue polyester?
0.75m super thin black fleece
0.5m Black velveteen
4x 2.5m Grey polyester (old changeling game curtains)
1.5 black medium polyester
2m black thin flowy polyester
1+1m black broadcloth
3x x3m Black with grey speckles sheer fabric (kinda like a night sky?)
2m black flowy polyester
2x 1.5m Off-white canvas
2m lilac broadcloth with embroidery
Bag of scraps?

Any suggestions on what to do with odds n ends leftover from finished projects?

Also if anyone needs any stretch velvet in black I have tons, and although someday maybe I might be able to use it, if anyone needs it chances are you’ll put it to use before I would, so give me a poke.

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