Vulpes vulpes (___fox) wrote in nero_sewing,
Vulpes vulpes

Sewing Resolutions?

Here is a discussion question for everyone:

Do you have any New Years sewing goals for 2008? Planning any awesome projects in the winter break before NERO starts again?

I have one NERO dress that I would like to make with the fabric I picked up for cheap at the Lando del Fabrico in Venezuela. It's two layers, actually. One brown linen on the top using a simplicity dress pattern but with a brown velvet waistband and the bottom dress to be cut in leafy shapes similar to Arwen's chase dress in LOTR:FOTR. For the under layer I bought this wicked cream linen with rich fall coloured flowers embroidered into the bottom that I hope to have going around the bottom of the dress. It'll all end up at about mid-calf length, and I've also got some other brown velvet ribbon to decorate with...somewhere :)

Also, I have some non-larp related sewing projects I want to do at some point, including this really cute dress from a simplicity pattern. It's got buttons though, so I may have to learn to master the buttonhole stitch beforehand.

And yourself? Discuss!
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