darkponyqueen (darkponyqueen) wrote in nero_sewing,

sewing trauma

oh the horror...
Friday: my sewing machine was having issues so I got my mum to look at it.  It sputters a few times and dies completely.
Saturday: Still no life in my machine.  We go to the Fabricland near mum's house to see if they know anywhere we can take it to get it fixed.  The lady is positively rude and we leave.  Mum wants to scream, I kinda feel sad.  Bill, the guy upstairs that mum rents from, informs us that there's a sewing machine int he basement I can use.  We fish it out.  It's an old 1948 Singer with a KNEE pedal.  It doesn't run do to bad/old wiring.  I head to Fabricland to pick up fabric/patterns for my projects anyways.  May as well take advantage of the sale.  While I was away they got the Singer rewired and working.  Then they got my sewing machine fixed using the old Singer manual.  
Sunday: Got everything cut out for the projects for Fox.  The shirt is sewn together.

Now I'm sitting here looking at the shirt hanging up and I think it needs a little something extra, it just looks a bit plain, some sort of trim is in order, but Fabricland didn't really have anything nice.  I suppose I should go on an adventure to find trim in the City.  
For Fox I've got a shirt and a vest thing to do for Loras.
I've been wanting to do a new tunic for the feast for myself, but I don't know if I'll have the time/energy to do it yet, so I'll stick with making sure everyone elses things get done first.  If I'm able to I'll make mine.

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