Girl With Tea (girlwithtea) wrote in nero_sewing,
Girl With Tea

Winter Projects

Now that the Nero break has started in earnest, I've begun going over the winter projects I want to get started for next year.

The main thing I want is new armour.  I love my chainmail, but it's heavy to wear for more than a few hours and cumbersome to get on and off.   It's also fairly limiting, costuming-wise.  So my hope is to make something along the lines of this:

It's still in the drafting stages - I'm not entirely sure what I'll construct it out of, at this stage.   I suspect I'll get the best results from a mix of materials.

I'm also planning on making a colder-weather surcoat that's not as arctic-minded as my white coat, and we've made a Court decision to have at least one set of matching bad-ass gear. 

In other, non-Nero costuming, the current project is a frock coat imagined around a peacock feather for the boy.

What are other people hoping to make over the winter?

- Hilary

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