darkponyqueen (darkponyqueen) wrote in nero_sewing,

yule dress

well, I've decided to not go with the belt thing I was originally thinking of, and as time flits away I find myself wondering if I'll have time to do the embroidery on it as well. So instead of disparing I went through my boxes of odds and ends and came up with a new plan with a piece of wide trim I had. The boy laughed at the idea and I was disheartened.

So mum comes over tonight, sort of spur of the moment visit to bring me some sewing things I'd asked about. I toss the dress on and show her my idea. She loves it. So now I am going through with it. I have a wide band of cream coloured trim, it's about four inches wide with a bit of embroidery on it, and I'm going to attach it to the dress just under the bust in a sort of empire style. This way, even if I don't have time to do my own embroidery on it, it'll still be more then just my plan brown dress that I've worn before.
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