plasticenedream (plasticenedream) wrote in nero_sewing,

The Project That Might Be

I haven't been sewing as much as I've been wanting to lately. And by lately, I mean most of this entire season.

Part of the reason has been a lack of cash flow, something that is in the process of ( hopefully ) being rectified. More to the point though, I haven't really been all that inspired to do anything since last year. 

 The above means I'm rusty with the machine-  As some of you can attest to, I met my fabric nemesis in the aborted attempts at making a gauzy flowy white dress. Not once, but twice.

 I decided early on that I would not be participating in the feast-fabric-arms-race this year. I was more than happy with how my dress ( those sleeves! ) turned out last year. I am also determined to make those sleeves go another round, so I've decided to alter the cut of the dress slightly at the neck, and to add a sleevless over tunic to it. 

 I've got some very nice brocaded chenile thats heavy and pretty that I shall be trimming with some fur. Fur that I left with Pam and Steve of course. If I can't get my hot little hands on that fur, I will likely purchase some of the fur trim from Mecca, and make that go. If I do that, I may go either white, or brown.

 For next year, I am inspired to do an middle eastern theme of costuming. I am excited.
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